Portsmouth Guildhall is managed by a registered charity, The Guildhall Trust.

We are proud to welcome some of the world’s finest performers to our stage and city but to continue to do so we need to invest now, in the building and our facilities. The much loved Guildhall has seen little investment since it was reopened in 1959 so we are now embarking on a renovation and development programme of Renaissance which will meet the needs of modern performers and audiences and maximise the venue’s ability to support itself.

As the leading entertainment venue in the heart of the city our vision is clear. We know how transformative music, arts and heritage can be to people’s lives. We want to make a difference and provide inspirational opportunities that are open to everybody, whatever their background. Last year we engaged with over 10,000 people in our community who would otherwise not be able to enjoy live performance and supported over 2,000 young people to explore a career within the creative industries.

Please support our vital programme of Renaissance and Get Involved programmes. There are many ways that you can. Thank you

Myth: Portsmouth Guildhall gets lots of money from selling tickets

Fact: Ticket prices are set by agents and promoters and we only get a small percentage of this price.

Myth: Portsmouth Guildhall gets lots of money from booking fees

Fact: Booking fees are set by our ticketing system partner, Ticketmaster, to cover the cost of the computer systems, people and processes involved in selling tickets. We get a small percentage of this fee which goes towards covering our own operational costs.

Myth: Portsmouth Guildhall is run by and gets lots of money from the City Council

Fact: Portsmouth City Council own the building which is leased to The Guildhall Trust. We are very grateful for the grant funding we receive but this is less than ¼ of what is needed to operate on a daily basis and will not cover the major investment that is now needed to secure the future of the Guildhall.

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