Where's My Show?

During these uncertain times, we get that everything seems to be moving around, making it hard to keep track.

If you have bought a ticket to one of our shows and can’t find it on our listings, please check the list below, which we will update every time a show is moved or cancelled. If you are having difficulty finding your show, please look below for the dates and you can see the new dates, which is where the show will be in our listings. Alternatively you can use the search function on our website to search for the title of your show.

All tickets remain valid for rescheduled shows so we look forward to seeing you soon!

Show Name  Original Date   Rescheduled Date  
The Boys are Back  18th March 2020, then 15th Feb 2021  14th Sep 2021 
Riverdance  20th – 22nd March 2020  22nd – 24th Nov 2021 
Jamie Cullum  27th March 2020, then 20th Sep 2020, then 18th April 2021  30th September 2021 
Milton Jones  3rd April 2020, then 27th March 2021  3rd November 2021 
King of Pop  17th April 2020, then 22nd Nov, then 30th July 2021  13th August 2021 
Elbow  21st April, then 8th Oct 2020  24th Sep 2021 
Portsmouth Comic Con  2nd – 3rd May 2020, then 15th – 16th Aug 2020, then 1st – 2nd May 2021  7th – 8th May 2022 
The Robert Cray Band  5th May 2020, then 11th May 2021  15th May 2022 
Rumours of Fleetwood Mac  14th May, then 10th July 2020  6th August 2021 
Jimmy Carr  15th May 2020, then 19th August 2020, then 26th April 2021  17th December 2021 
Paul Weller  16th May 2020, then 20th March 2021, then 25th June 2021  1st April 2022 
Chris Ramsey  21st May 2020, then 11th April 2021  12th March 2022 
Abba Mania  23rd May 2020, then 19th June 2021  25th June 2022 
Strictly Come Dancing  27th May 2020, then 5th July 2021  Cancelled 
Revolution Pro Wrestling  31st May, then 30th Aug 2020, then 19th Feb 2021  3rd June 2021 
Sausage and Cider Festival  6th June 2020, then 20th Feb 2021  21st Aug 2021 
Bootleg Beatles  10th June 2020, then 6th Sep 2020  3rd April 2022 
Anton and Giovanni – Him & Me  21st June 2021  16th June 2022 
Here Come the Boys  7th July 2020, then 10th June 2021  15th June 2022 
The Story of Guitar Heroes  11th September 2020, then 10th January 2021  17th September 2021 
Russell Howard  15th Sep 2020, then 31st May 2021  1st August 2021 
Ben Portsmouth – The King is Back  19th Sep 2020, then 2nd Jan 2021  10th Sep 2021 
Paul Smith  26th Sep 2020, then 20th May 2021  29th Oct 2021 
Jason Donovan  24th Oct 2020, then 10th March 2021  26th November 2021 
The Stranglers  2nd Nov 2020, then 5th April 2021  14th Feb 2022 
John Bishop  5th Nov 2020  28th Sep 2021 
Mo Gilligan  6th Nov 2020  4th Dec 2021 
Deacon Blue  17th & 18th Nov 2020  15th & 16th Nov 2021 
A Country Night in Nashville  21st Nov 2020, then 11th Sep 2021  1st July 2022 
UB40  27th Nov 2020, then 5th March 2021  6th Dec 2021 
Sir Ranulph Fiennes  14th Dec 2020  18th Oct 2021 
Jools Holland and His Rhythm & Blues Orchestra  17th Dec 2020  17th Nov 2021 
Whitney – Queen of the Night  19th Dec 2020  9th Oct 2021 
Johnny Cash Roadshow  9th Jan 2021  Postponed 
Queen Extravaganza  13th Jan 2021  13th Jan 2022 
The Simon & Garfunkel Story  15th Jan 202, then 22nd June 2021  17th April 2022 
The Magic of Motown  22nd Jan 2021, then 25th September 2021 7th December 2021
Cabaret Club – Amba Tremain  12th Feb 2021, then 2nd July 2021  10th Sep 2021 
Hello Again – Neil Diamond  21st Feb 2021, then 13th June 2021  26th February 2022 
The Musical Box – The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway  23rd Feb 2021  15th Feb 2022 
Cabaret Club – Carley Williams  26th Feb 2021, then 9th July 2021  7th Oct 2021 
Jack Lukeman  28th Feb 2021  Cancelled 
Cabaret Club – Jenny June & Emily Faye  12th March 2021, then 11th June  Cancelled 
Lost in Music  19th March 2021, then 18th September 2021 15th Jan 2022
Rob Brydon  31st March 2021  2nd Feb 2022 
What’s Love Got to do With It?  10th April 2021, then 1st Sep 2021  1st Sep 2022 
Nick Mason’s Saucerful of Secrets  19th April 2021  10th May 2022 
Jason Manford  29th April 2021  14th Jan 2022 
Luther  29th May 2021  20th May 2022 
Katey Brooks  19th June 2021, then 13th Aug 2021  25th Sep 2021 
Cabaret Club – Scarlet Town  18th June 2021  11th November 2021 
Steven Wilson 


15th Sep 2021  Cancelled  


And shows in our Guildhall Studio/Upper Stalls: 

Show  Original Date  New Date 
Arthur’s Dream Boat  29th March, then 9th Aug 2020, then 8th May 2021  10th July 2021 
MARVELus  9th April 2020, then 6th Oct 2020, then 29th April 2021  7th April 2022 
The Dark Room  15th April 2020, then 29th Sep 2020, then 8th April 2021  14th April 2022 
Tom Bertram  17th April 2020, then 14th Nov 2020, then 29th May 2021, then 2nd Oct 2021  26th Feb 2022 
The Noise Next Door  18th April 2020, then 1st Oct 2020, then 20th March 2021  30th Sep 2021 
Steve Hall & Steve Williams  15th May 2020  2nd April 2022 
LOL Comedy Club  16thMay, 13th June, 4th July, 22nd Aug, 19th Sep, 24th Oct, 28th Nov & 12th Dec 2020  31st Dec 2020 on sale now 
The Gutter Brothers  19th June 2020  26th Nov 2021 
The Bonkers Balloon Show  21st June 2020  Postponed 
Beach Body Ready  21st June 2020  Postponed 
Larry Dean  5th Nov 2020, then 12th June 2021  4th June 2022  
Daniel Sloss  20th Nov 2020, then 14th Jan 2021, then 18th March 2021, then 17th June 2021  9th July 2021 
Andy Fairweather-Low  21st Nov 2020, then 6th March 2021  18th Nov 2021 
Carl Hutchinson  13th Dec 2020 then 6th June 2021 2nd June 2022 
The Style Councillors  16th Jan 2021, then 11th April 2021  31st July 2021 
Portsmouth Chamber Music – Ensemble 360  25th Jan 2021  14th June 2021 
Los Pacaminos  13th Feb 2021  29th May 2021 
Portsmouth Chamber Music – The Doric String Quartet  22nd Feb 2021, then 12th May 2021  Cancelled  
Dr & The Medics  27th Feb 2021  14th Jan 2022 
Portsmouth Chamber Music – Martin Roscoe  12th April 2021  Cancelled 
Portsmouth Chamber Music – Ensemble Perpetuo  26th April 2021  Cancelled 


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