Where's My Show?

During these uncertain times, we get that everything seems to be moving around, making it hard to keep track. We’ve moved nearly every show that was due to be performed as part of our Spring season, happily this means we can still bring top notch entertainment to audiences through the later end of this year and into next.

If you have bought a ticket to one of our shows and can’t find it on our listings, please check the list below, which we will update every time a show is moved or cancelled. If you are having difficulty finding your show, please look below for the dates and you can see the new dates, which is where the show will be in our listings. Alternatively you can use the search function on our website to search for the title of your show.

All tickets are valid for new dates of any show, so keep hold of yours and have some brilliant entertainment to look forward to after this pandemic is over.

Show Name Orginal Date Rescheduled Date
Riverdance 20th – 22nd March 22-24th November 2021
Prazak Quartet 23rd March Cancelled
BSO Arabian Nights 26th March Cancelled
Jamie Cullum 27th March 20th September
Mini Ravers 29th March Cancelled
Joe and Dianne Show 1st April 3rd April 2021
Milton Jones 3rd April 27th March 2021
JustOne 4th-5th April Cancelled
King of Pop 17th April 22nd November
Elbow 21st April 8th October
BSO : Bruch’s Violin Triumph 23rd April Cancelled
Dance Live FINALS 24th April Cancelled
Dance Live FINALS 25th April Cancelled
VE Day Proms 30th April Cancelled
Martin Roscoe 4th May Cancelled
Robert Cray Band 5th May 11th  May 2021
Rumours of Fleetwood Mac 14th May 10th July
Jimmy Carr 15th May 19th August 2020
Paul Weller 16th May 20th  March 2021
Chris Ramsey 21st May 11th April 2021
Abba Mania 23rd May Postponed
Strictly Come Dancing 27th May 16th May 2021
Revolution Pro Wrestling 31st May 30th August 2020
Boys are Back 18th March 15th February 2021
Sausage and Cider Festiva 6th June POSTPONED (please check back)
Bootleg Beatles 10th June 6th September
Here Come The Boys 7th July 20th May 2021
Shock and Awe MMA 11th July Cancelled
Russell Howard 15th Sept 31st May 2021


For Guildhall Studio shows, below are the rescheduled dates:

Show  Original Date New Date
MarvelUS 9th April 6th October 2020
The Dark Room 15th April 29th September 2020
Tom Bertram 17th April 14th November 2020
Noise Next Door 18th April 1st October 2020


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