Becky Balloonatic loves balloons and she want to show you just how much you can learn from these humble globes of latex!

The Balloon Science Show is full of thrills and spills, pops and bangs. The audience will help set up experiments and make lots of predictions on what they think might happen!

A range of topics are covered within this Balloon science extravaganza.

Atoms, Molecules and Polymers

When you make a balloon kebab? Why doesn’t it explode?


We make a balloon dog by taking advantage a few forces and quite a bit of friction.

Physical Reaction, Carbon Dioxide

What happens when you mix a popular carbonated drink with a minty sweet? Watch out for a real fizz-ical reaction!


Which balloon will travel the fastest? Ready, steady, go!


Pushing, pulling, twisting and the lesser known force, cen- tripetal

Static Electricity, Protons, Neutrons and Electrons

As Paula Abdul once said, opposites attract and Protons and Electrons are highly attracted to each other.

You will never look at a balloon the same way again.

Event details

Family Workshops & Activities

Approximate running time: 45 mins

Age: 14's and under to be accompanied by an 18+ adult


Discounted parking tickets are available online or at the box office.


No flash photography or iPads are allowed.


Kindly note the advertised price includes a booking fee (BF) of 10%.


No externally bought drinks or any liquids - only certain food will be allowed. See our house rules for more information.


All events at Portsmouth Guildhall include a ticket restoration levy.


See our house rules.


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