After a successful first night back in April after 2 and a half years break, we are back again in May with another excellent lineup!

At our new home The Square Kitchen we will bringing another night of Foot Stomping Folk music to Portsmouth.

‘By popular demand, Megan is relaunching the evening and has confirmed three new nights in April, May, and June of this year at the Square Kitchen in Guildhall Square, Portsmouth.

This month we have:

Hurry The Jug – A Celtic / Trad group from the South Coast singing all your traditional favourites and dancing too from the ‘wee man’. Songs, ballads and sessions you’d hear in an Irish Pub

Polly Gone Wrong – Original songs baked with Folk and Blues, playful obscurity, improvisation and close harmonies.

Megan says: ‘I’m so passionate about the music scene in Portsmouth, and I love the city, but as a young folk musician I never really felt like I had a place in the scene, and there was never really anywhere for someone like me.

‘We created Future Folk to provide a platform for emerging folk and roots artists to play their music and its success blew us away and showed us that we were on to something.

‘I am so excited to be bringing it back to a new location in the heart of the city and the Guildhall is not only a fantastic concert venue but has some lovely intimate spaces such as the Square Kitchen which are perfect for events like Future Folk.

‘We are looking forward to hosting both new and established artists and audiences and to continue to raise the profile of a genre that has always been a part of the city’s musical DNA.’

Event details


Age: 18+


No externally bought drinks or any liquids - only certain food will be allowed. See our house rules for more information.

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