Call out for Local Theatre Makers & Youth workers. Contact for information and to book your place.

The Guildhall and David Glass Ensemble are keen to engage with local practitioners with a strong interest in working with young people to join us on an exciting new project which uses theatre and creativity to empower young people and give voice to the voiceless.

Renowned teacher and founder of the Lost Child Project, David Glass, will be leading a three-day introduction into the Lost Child Practice, which will launch a future Lost Child Project to happen in Portsmouth and surrounding areas over 2022/2023 with a longer-term ambition to continue into the future.

Workshop dates 13/14/15th June, 2022, 10am-5pm – This workshop is free of charge. There are a few bursaries available to support freelance professionals to attend the 3 days paid with help for childcare costs if necessary.


Lost Child Project UK

Introduction, Framework Training and Co-creation

David Glass founder and director of Lost Child Project International, will facilitate a playful, dynamic and in-depth three day workshop  in the Lost Child program, and process.

The Lost Child Project has taken place in 25 countries since 1997. The UK iteration of the project is projected to run from 2022-26 and will be one of the biggest projects yet undertaken in six centres in the UK.

The three day practical workshop will cover:

  • An introduction to the history and context of The Lost Child International and the UK context.
  • A two-day playful and active participatory training in the ‘five stage creative process ‘that underpins the project.
  • An introduction to David Glass’s Navajo University learning modal and use of ‘mythic and archetypal work connecting beyond social conditions to the universal. Marvel Films etc.
  • An introduction to Alchemy of Leadership, the creative leadership program that David Glass developed with the UN and is now used around the world to develop dynamic, progressive and proactive leadership.
  • An exploration of the themes that might be relevant to young people in Portsmouth.
  • Using the ‘five stage Lost Child Practice to co-create a pilot project in Portsmouth.
  • David Glass to show example of The Lost Child Project in various countries-with a particular focus on the recent very successful four-year Hong Kong project that emerged out of their time of huge change in Hong Kong.
  • David to introduce the overarching vision of Lost Child UK 2022-26
  • An introduction to David Glass Ensemble’s progressive Human Focused Producing modal.

Outcomes what will participants come away with?

  • Tools, Skills and a clear creative framework for engaging with and facilitating a playful dynamic co-creative approach to working with young people in a sustainable way.
  • Renewal of existing approaches whilst learning the key elements of the Lost Child Practice.
  • Using the framework and tools to co-creatively ‘vision’ a potential project in Portsmouth.
  • Connecting to other local facilitators across areas concerning young people and discovering how to creatively give voice and agency to these young people, strengthening networks.
  • Inspiration to reengage at this extraordinary time through a well-tested and globally recognised arts and young person project.
  • To be involved at the beginning of one of the largest arts and young person’s projects ever undertaken in the UK.

Contact for information and to book your place.



As part of the DCMS Cultural Recovery Fund, the David Glass Ensemble have launched the first phase of a new Lost Child Project in the UK.

In partnership with theatres and cultural organisations across the UK, the Lost Child Project is developing in Bath, Portsmouth, Manchester, Somerset, Hastings and Bath across 2022 and beyond.

Each area will become a hub for local theatre makers and youth workers to train in the Lost Child Practice and create their own Lost Child Projects.

Participants from this training will become part of a network of creatives to help develop local Lost Child Projects across the UK.


The Lost Child project began back in 1997 with the aim to use theatre and creative participation to give a voice to marginalized and vulnerable children and young people. The creative methodology focuses on supporting and expressing young people’s imagination through group activity in a safe and secure environment. The project empowers young people through the arts and creativity and has run around the world in over 23 countries, the training and methodology called ‘The Lost Child Practice’ has been used by theatre companies, arts festivals, cultural and youth organisations across the globe and in partnership with Save the Children, UNICEF, & the Ministry of Education China.

Training of local carers, social workers and partners in creative methodology and techniques is key to the sustainability of the project.

For more information on the Lost Child Project visit our website.

For a short video on the Hong Kong Lost Child project with young adults in 2019 click here.

Information on our most recent Lost Child Project Hong Kong 2022 can be found here

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Age: 14's and under to be accompanied by an 18+ adult

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