Since 2017, The Guildhall Trust has been Steward for the charitable affairs of the Hornpipe Theatre Company.

The Company, formed in 1982, has throughout its history operated with aims similar to those of the Guildhall Trust to inspire, entertain and transform lives through the arts, making grants available to charities and non-charities within the city.

Each year, artists, organisations and schools across Portsmouth are invited to apply to the Hornpipe Small Grants Fund for projects which will increase engagement with the arts through enhanced activities or support learning inside and out of the classroom.

Apply for a grant

To apply for a grant, please read the below information and then complete our Application Form

  • Grants: From £250 to £1,000
  • Funding source: Hornpipe Theatre Company
  • Match funding:  Schools should be encouraged to contribute financially.
  • Eligibility: 
    • You do not necessarily need to be a school to apply for funding, it can be an artist or organisation.
    • Delivery needs to be working with a school/s with a PO postcode.
    • Projects can take place in and/out of school settings. Applications are required to meet aims set out below.
    • Artists or organisations working with NEET Young People (Not in Employment, Education or Training) can also apply.
    • The event must take place within one year of receipt of award.
    • Only one grant per financial year can be held.
  • Apply:
    By Post: FAO Hayley Reay, Portsmouth Guildhall, Portsmouth, PO1 2AB
    By Email: , referencing ‘Hornpipe Arts for Schools, Small Grants Scheme’

The deadlines for the next rounds of the scheme are as follows:
No later than 5pm Monday 29th June 2020
No later than 5pm Monday 23rd November 2020

You will be notified within 3 weeks of the closing date of each round.

  • Process: Hornpipe Arts for schools Application Form
  • Other: In some instances, we may not be able to meet the entire request, but may be able to offer a contribution.

Your project must aim to make improvements to the quality and sustainability of the arts offer within school/schools.

Your project must seek to develop at least two of the following areas:

  1. Young people’s academic achievements e.g. projects incorporating Arts Award will be looked upon favourably.
  2. Young people’s well-being or soft-skills development
  3. Young people’s cultural development
  4. Increased access to arts and cultural provision. This could be through working with a specific group of young people usually excluded from provision.
  5. Develop staff confidence and ability at utilising arts within the school setting.

Evaluation- you must be committed to completing the evaluation form which demonstrates project outcomes.

What you can apply for:
Production costs e.g. materials, equipment costs
Artist/ facilitator fees
School transport costs
Training costs

What you can’t apply for:
Projects which have already started or taken place
Events intended to raise funds for non‐arts causes
Requests to pay off loans or deficits

Please note- we only have a small amount of money each quarter available, and will therefore not be able to fund every application we receive. We will not be able to provide feedback to unsuccessful applications, due to limited resources. If you are unsuccessful, please do not let this deter you from applying again in the future.

If successful, an evaluation report on the project will be supplied to the Hornpipe Trustees, no later than one year from the date of the Grant and 3 months after project conclusion. The report should describe fully the application of the Grant, and the achievements resulting from the project. More information about this will be given upon receipt of a grant.

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