Adults go free to our family shows!



We are thrilled to share that we now run an Adults Go Free scheme to all our kids shows. This means that you and your little one can enjoy any of our family shows listed below for just £7! 

Check below for the great mix of family shows we have coming up later in the year


Circus Runaways

The Circus Runaways
Saturday 22nd September, 11:30am
Ages 2+
Tickets £7 (Adults go free)

‘Come and join the circus!

The Circus Ringmaster is beside himself with worry- all the animals have run away and he doesn’t know where they are. But the show must go on! Can you help find the runaway animals and save the circus?


You've Got Dragons

You’ve Got Dragons
Sunday 20th October, 11:30am
Ages 3-10 and families; babes in arms welcome.
Tickets £7 (Adults go free) 

“Dragons come when you least expect it. You turn round…and they’re there.”

Lots of people get them; bad dreams, swirly tummy, feeling prickly. And sometimes they make you feel alone. So, what can a young child with a bad case of the dragons do? An intergenerational show, featuring creative captioning, interwoven BSL and audio description, You’ve Got Dragons is a treat for the whole family.


Hey Diddle Diddle

Hey Diddle Diddle
Sunday 17th November, 11:00am, 2:00pm
Ages 3+
Tickets £7 (Adults go free)

 Ever wondered how a cow jumped over the moon? Or why the dish ran away with the spoon? 

A hilarious adventure filled with music and puppetry, for ages 3+.When the full moon shines bright there’s magic in the air, and all the animals come out to play. Stay up late with flying cows, jazzy cats and runaway crockery and as we jump and jive to the music in a brilliant new take on the classic nursery rhyme.


Under The Frozen Moon

Under The Frozen Moon
Sunday 22nd December, 11:30am
Ages 3+
Tickets £7 (Adults go free)

It’s so cold in Nunavik that the moon has frozen!

A greedy dragon has gobbled every fire and every light, leaving only the white glow of the frozen moon. You can’t feel your toes, fire freezes in the hearth, and it doesn’t even snow… but not all warmth is lost. In this heart-warming tale, a young girl sets out on a quest to confront the dragon under the ice who has hoarded all of the fires and lights for himself


How To Book

  1. Head to the Ticketmaster page of the event you want to buy tickets to
  2. Select one child ticket (£7)
  3. Select one adult tickets (£0.00)
  4. Press add to basket
  5. Pay and print off/collect

Get your ticket now and enjoy some fantastic family theatre without breaking the bank! 

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