House Rules
House Rules

House Rules

General Policies
• The unauthorised use of photographic and recording equipment at the venue is prohibited - this includes all Ipads and Tablets. Tapes or films may be destroyed.
• Laser pens are not allowed.
• No dogs (except guide dogs)
• Your own food and drink are prohibited unless you have a health condition that requires you to have the items in question on you.
• Alcoholic drinks may be taken into the auditorium in plastic cups, so long as they have been purchased at one of the several bars within the venue. Glassware is prohibited at most events.
• Smoking (real or electronic cigarettes) are strictly forbidden inside the building.
• No chewing gum
• Perfume and aerosols are prohibited.

Security Info

Concert Info
Doors times are often given when a promoter does not know the production details of a show in advance. It simply refers to when the doors will open. Typically a show will start either 30 minutes or an hour after the doors time. A start time is when the show will start. It could be a support artist or it could be the main artist – the only way to guarantee that you will see all of the show is to arrive at the time on your ticket.

Latecomer’s policy
Latecomers will be admitted at a suitable break in the performance, unless the artist has requested something different, such as no admittance until the interval.

Age Restrictions
14yrs and under need to be accompanied by an adult (over 18) and are advised to be in the seated areas only as their view may be restricted in the standing areas.

Children under the age of two years are not admitted for adult shows.

If the show is not specifically aimed at an adult-only audience, children of any age are admitted (14s and under need to be accompanied by an adult) providing they can sit up straight in a seat and that the parent is confident the child is well behaved enough not to be a distraction for other members of the audience. Every customer including infants must have a purchased ticket. Accompanying adults will be asked to remove any noisy children. If any discounts are available for children the maximum age to qualify is 16 years unless specified otherwise. Where age restrictions apply customer may be asked to produce ID.

Babies in arms policy

Camera Policy
The unauthorised use of cameras, video or any other form of recording equipment is strictly prohibited. This includes all Ipads and Tablets.

Please note that there is a no standing policy in the Circle. This is for the safety of both yourself and other patrons.

When attending a seated concert in the stalls please note that the act may encourage patrons to stand. If you wish to be seated throughout the concert and have a clear view throughout the performance please purchase seats in the circle.


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