Portsmouth is doing the Harlem Shake!

Organised and presented by Team Locals, Love Southsea, and Portsmouth Guildhall

In the past few weeks, thousands of people worldwide have posted videos of themselves dancing to the Harlem Shake on YouTube, collectively generating over 175million views to date.

Portsmouth’s very own Harlem Shake video will be filmed at 1pm in the Guildhall Square on Saturday 23rd of February – anyone is welcome to join in the fun.

The popular videos start with one person performing a rhythmic dance while others in the frame look oblivious. A cut to a second shot shows everyone in the group dancing wildly with props and costumes.

“The other day, the hot topic in the Team Locals office was the Harlem Shake. We suddenly blurted out the idea of having a massive Harlem Shake in Portsmouth. So we made an event on Facebook for it, citing the location as Guildhall Square. We received over 100 RSVPs in just over an hour! Interest in the Portsmouth Harlem Shake continued growing, and we even got Portsmouth Guildhall directly involved” says Steve Williams from Love Southsea and Team Locals.

As the Guildhall steps are currently undergoing refurbishment the video will be shot in the Square and on the City Council building steps. Everyone is welcome to participate in the filming of the video. Costumes aren’t a necessity, but going absolutely crazy and dancing like a maniac when the drop in the song hits is a must. You can be whoever you want and do whatever you want. Dress up as a Stormtrooper or just get in a sleeping bag and roll around: the more insane, the better. We do ask, though, is that you kindly keep all of your clothes on.

The video will be posted on Youtube and the link will be distributed via Love Southsea, Team Locals and Portsmouth Guildhall social media channels.

Check out this video! Can we make Portsmouth's Harlem Shake even bigger?!

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