Blog: An Evening with Spike Edney, keyboardist for Queen
Blog: An Evening with Spike Edney, keyboardist for Queen

Blog: An Evening with Spike Edney, keyboardist for Queen

On 20th May 2018 Portsmouth Guildhall was delighted to play host to a special dinner with Queen legend Spike Edney, raising funds for the new Guildhall Studio venue. In this write-up Portsmouth Cultural Trust CEO Andy Grays details the successful evening.

So Queen Fans this one is for you. For 2 months I’ve been meaning to write up about a special event I hosted in May.

A fundraising event for our new Studio, the wonderful Spike Edney keyboard player for Queen hosted a private dinner for 40 people at the Guildhall. Spike has been on stage with Queen since 1983 working with Freddie, Brian and Roger. We had a great Q & A at the end of the meal, here are some of the highlights. He explained having grown up in Portsmouth in the 1960’s he saw the Beatles in 63 which inspired him to become a musician. He played keyboards but found work playing trumpet as a session musician for Duran Duran, the Rolling Stones and other bands.

His skill drew him to the attention of the Queen management who were seeking a new keyboard player for live concerts. On being asked to turn up at Queen’s offices he thought he was auditioning, learnt their big hits only to find they just wanted him to sign a contract. Asked about Live Aid I discussed with Spike how he felt performing in front of 80,000 people, sh.t scared!! A funny memory was playing Trivial Pursuit with the band whilst on tour on a train heading for Brussels. As the train pulled into the station Freddie was about to win only for the train to break and the dice falling on the floor. A scream went out ‘Darlings nobody move whilst I find the bloody dice!’ Spike recalls Freddie bum in the air searching between the seats.

After Freddie the Band hit the road again with Paul Rogers on vocals. Spike said he had tremendous respect for Paul, legendary vocalist with Free and a completely different singer to Freddie. Brian and Roger were big fans of Paul and considered taking the Band in a bluesy direction. After Paul they discovered Adam Lambert who had given Queen a new lease of life.

Spike answered questions for nearly an hour. He and his wife Kyle have become supporters of the Guildhall and a great friend. Can’t thank him enough for his help and support.

Andy Grays, CEO of the Portsmouth Cultural Trust

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