Tea, Coffee or Something - Free From Gravity
Tea, Coffee or Something - Free From Gravity

Tea, Coffee or Something - Free From Gravity


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The launch event of the ‘Free From Gravity’ single, and the project, also aptly named “Tea, Coffee, or Something”, supporting and raising awareness of the plight of homeless people in Portsmouth

Free From Gravity is set to release their inspirational single entitled ‘Tea, Coffee, or Something’ on 5 May 2017. The band’s front man, Vince Barnes, having seen a video on YouTube of a police officer in New York physically abusing a homeless man, started looking at homeless in a completely different light. Vince’s heartfelt desire to do something positive was a driving force behind the composition of this song.

The single was written in March 2016, and relates the story of Dean and David, who lived on the streets of Portsmouth. David, having lost his girlfriend and Dean being kicked out of his home by his girlfriend, meant that these two unfortunate men were out on the streets. Their encounters with Vince have sparked a deep connection, and a glimmer of hope. His offer to them- a tea, coffee or something was helpful, but most of all the little bit of ‘time’ spent with them is what Vince believes to be the most valuable to them. Since then, David has become a friend of the band and is currently employed. Dean is now off the streets and returned to his hometown, residing in a hostel.

Vince, being technically homeless at one point in his life, knew of the despair and feeling of not belonging. Further encounters with a homeless man called Russell inspired Vince to do more. Following this, Vince approached the local council who were receptive to his ideas.

Thus, the idea of using music to help turn around the lives of the homeless, became more possible. Following this, Vince met up with independent label, Management, and PR company ThrougbredMusic’s owner, Adrian Collis.

The project - Tea Coffee or Something is aimed at getting homeless people off the street and into secure accommodation one by one. Working with the council, the project (which is likely to be a limited company) would provide funding through various fund raising means, to pay rent on private or council accommodation for a period of time, to allow the homeless person to get back on their feet.

This would also include mentoring that person to assist them dealing with day to day life, some of whom have not had to do so for many years. The council would put forward those they deemed unable to be helped by council resources but would benefit most from the assistance that would be provided.

The board / committee of the project will be made up of members of the council, members of the local business community, members of the band Free From Gravity, Adrian Collis of Thoroughbred Music and Russell Allan and other members of the homeless community (who will be there to provide guidance and support to those wishing to get off the street).

“I just wanted to help homeless people – even if it meant just sitting and talking to them and offering them something to eat and drink – a Tea, Coffee or Something.– Vince Barnes (Free From Gravity)

3 local bands will be playing:

Free From Gravity

J Lee and The Hoodoo Skulls


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