Your Tickets - Be Sure Be Secure
Your Tickets - Be Sure Be Secure

Your Tickets - Be Sure Be Secure

Do you know where you are buying your tickets from? Be sure and be secure – we only sell tickets through our website, at the venue, through our ticketing provider Ticketmaster and a small number of accredited ticket agents which will vary with each show.

We do not allocate tickets to secondary resale sites and you may be at risk if you do not purchase through an accredited agent.

If in doubt, please check who the accredited agents are for each show with us or the artist’s official information channels. Please also see the Fanfair Alliance’s useful guide for fans on purchasing tickets.

We want you to have a fantastic experience when you visit Portsmouth Guildhall but if you purchase through a secondary resale site or unauthorised agent we have no control over the following situations which have happened and left fans disappointed:

  • If we need to let you know important information about a show (a cancellation or reschedule etc) we only have the original ticket purchaser’s contact details so are not able to get the information to you.
  • If a show is cancelled we only have the original ticket purchaser’s payment details that we can process a refund to and we are not able to help you get a refund from where you bought your ticket.
  • Dishonest sellers have sold the same seats to the same show multiple times which has resulted in us having to refuse people access to the venue.

We operate a ticket scanning system at Portsmouth Guildhall and ID may be required to verify your tickets. It is important for the safety and security of all our customers and staff that we have an accurate list of who is in our venue.

It is estimated that the value of the secondary ticketing market in the UK is £1billion per year which is damaging to artists, the music and entertainment industries and drives up prices above face value for you, the fans.

Be sure – know who you are buying your tickets from!

Be secure – know that you are purchasing legitimate tickets and understand the risks you are taking if you do not purchase through an accredited seller or agent.

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